Diagnostics and automotive electrics

Mobile Spanners mechanic is Bosch trained in diagnostics and has many years of experiance on most makes and models of vehicles including motorbikes and hgv’s.

Diagnostics is very rarely as simple as plugging diagnostic equipment into a vehicle, reading a code and replacing the coded component. Here at mobile spanners we will not spend your money on components unless tested as being faulty, chasing fault codes can be a very expensive exercise.

If you have an engine management light on or emissions problems, abs issues or running faults we are happy to help you.


With the cost of fuel now getting ever closer to the £1.45 per litre, most of us are increasingly aware of the economy of our vehicle. Regular servicing can help with this, an engine needs to breath to run efficiently. the correct air fuel ratio will help keep money in our pocket not the fuel tank. An engine service is available at a very competitive rate, please contact us with your make of vehicle for more information.

Jon’s Tips

The secret to a happy relationship between you and your car is knowing when you get to your car on a cold or wet morning, you have complete faith that with one turn of the key it will start and take you on your journey hassle free.

A regular maintenance check is the way to keep your car owner friendly, an annual major service will go along way to ensure your car stays on your good side.

Over the last few years we have seen vehicle manufactures boasting huge mileage between services, some up to 20,000 miles. This is fine if the car is covering big mileage in a year and more importantly is covering that mileage on better roads than we have here in the southwest but lets face it, most of us don’t, so brakes become sticky and joints become worn. Having an annual service to include a proper brake strip down and clean is the way to ensure you don’t get caught out. A serviced car is a happy car!


Most modern cars are fitted with a dual mass flywheel and clutch, these are troublesome but a necessary evil. Due to the high torque of the engines the dual mass flywheel is designed to absorb judder before it reaches the gearbox and causing damage. When these are worn they can create numerous running faults and are expensive when they fail.

Solid flywheel conversion kits are available for certain vehicles infact peugeot will now ONLY supply conversion kits for some of there models.


If your vehicle is broken down or  your simply not happy about driving it because something doesn’t feel or sound right we can come to you either at home, work or on the road. We are happy to come out in the evening or at the weekend if this is easier for you at no extra costs.


Mobiles Spanners will check your brakes when servicing your car, or anytime you feel it’s required.

We’ll strip the brakes completely removing calipers and pads from the hub to properly check the condition as this cannot be done without complete removal of the components.

We will remove brake drums (where fitted), check the condition of the brake shoes and check the wheel cylinders for leaks, clean and adjust.